Finlux 2001

Jubilee Range Glen Tilt 26th August



TEAM NAME 600X 900X TOTAL Position
T.Morris (F) 74v8 74v11 148v19
of K.Mcdonald 74v8 73v10 147v20
Scotland M.Joyce 72v9 72v9 144v18
E.Sutton 73v11 68v8 141v19
J.Kettle 71v7 70v4 141v11
S.Baldry (F) 67v5 71v9 138v14
J.McRae 66v4 72v9 138v13
P.Dingle (F) 60v3 70v8 130v11
TEAM TOTAL 859v101 1st Place
Fife & Kinross D.Parr (F) 73v11 74v12 147v23
J.Brown 73v9 71v7 144v16
M.Barlow 73v11 70v8 143v19
J.Wilson (F) 73v10 70v5 143v15
C.Brown 70v9 71v8 141v17
D.Gladwin 71v6 69v7 140v13
P.Smith 72v8 68v4 140v12
W.Young 65v8 65v3 130v11
TEAM TOTAL 858v103 2nd Place
West of Scotland H.Forgie (F) 74v12 75v14 149v26
P.Crosbie (F) 74v9 72v9 146v18
R.Simpson 71v9 74v7 145v16
J.Potter 70v9 72v8 142v17
J.Macdonald 68v6 69v4 137v10
E.Jones 72v8 63v6 135v14
J.Bryce (F) 71v7 70v5 141v12
A.MacPherson (F) 74v12 70v8 144v20
TEAM TOTAL 854v101 3rd Place
Tayside J.Munn 75v12 70.8 145v20
M.Ballie-Hamilton 74v8 71v7 145v15
P.Jess 70v9 73v7 143v16
J.Bell 70v6 71v8 141v14
A.J.Munro (F) 67v6 72v8 139v14
K.Baxby 70v7 69v3 139v10
I.Conacher 70v6 62v5 132v11
D.Rhouma 64v4 63v1 127v5
TEAM TOTAL 852v89 4th Place

Top 6 Scores Counting (no more than 2 F Class to count)