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Scottish Target Shooting (STS) is the governing body for Full-Bore Target Rifle Shooting in Scotland

SRA Canada 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen

I am honoured that the Council of the SRA have offered me the opportunity to lead Scotland to the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Championships at Connaught Ranges Ottawa in August 2018 in the 150th year of DCRA. I am delighted to accept and now seek expressions of interest to confirm that Scotland is in a position to present a team worthy of the occasion.

At this stage please reply to me ASAP stating if you are:

Definitely available
Probably available
as shooter, coach, team officer or any combination.

My intention is that the core team will travel on a minimalist tour to shoot in the full DCRA Meeting plus any match immediately adjacent. I will be happy to co-ordinate sub-groups that wish to participate in North American matches shortly before or after.

I have not yet decided the basis on which selection to tour will be made - that will be a matter to discuss with the Council. Based on my past experience as a tour captain, I intend that shooting partners will be welcome to travel alongside.


Iain Robertson

Captain of Scotland